Handmade black oak wood epoxy resin pendant modern necklace natural materials Moss Inlay epoxy resin designer jewelry on textile cord Pendant 13

Pendant 13

  • Pendant 13
  • Pendant 13
  • Pendant 13
  • Pendant 13

Pendant 13

Embrace the beauty of nature with this handcrafted black wooden round pendant, personally made by me with meticulous attention to detail. The pendant is sealed with high-quality epoxy resin, creating a smooth and glossy surface that enhances its elegance.

What sets this pendant apart is the inclusion of dried moss beneath the resin. This unique feature not only adds a touch of natural charm but also symbolizes a harmonious connection with the earth. Nature becomes a co-author in the creation of this pendant, infusing it with its own organic beauty.

Suspended from a double black cord, this pendant exudes sophistication while honoring the simplicity and elegance of nature. Whether you're seeking a piece to complement your everyday attire or to make a statement on a special occasion, this pendant is sure to evoke admiration and appreciation for its natural allure.

Celebrate the union of craftsmanship and nature with this exquisite pendant that serves as a reminder of the inherent elegance found in the world around us.

Necklace length: 56 cm

Pendant height: 3,8 cm

Pendant width: 3,8 cm

Weight: 15 g

*All items are handmade and are likely to contain minor imperfections - but that's makes them special.

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