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How we work with wholesale customers

At MadWoodHouse, we take pride in our collaborative approach with wholesale clients. We understand the importance of meeting specific design requirements, which is why we offer the option to create custom designs tailored to the client's preferences, including the incorporation of their logo onto our products.

How we work with restaurants

How do we work with restaurant clients from other countries? After all, they can evaluate our crockery only from photos, but this is not enough for chefs.

Atelier P7 - Pottery Studio Prague

Atelier P7 is a ceramics studio in Prague that offers pottery classes for adults.

History of ceramics

Ceramics are products made by sintering different types of clay with mineral impurities. The term "ceramics" comes from the Greek word "keramos", which means clay.

Types of clay firing

There are two types of firing, depending directly on the environment in which the product is fired - reduction and oxidation firing.

Clay used in pottery

In industry and pottery, clay can be used as natural, pure and unadulterated, or seriously processed, with a host of additives that add completely new properties and qualities to the quality of the resulting products.